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Choosing Your Keywords for Legal Job Postings

One of the most important aspects of a good legal job posting is having the right keywords. Aside from basic keywords, like part time or full time, start immediately, or college degree, you also want to choose legal-related keywords. There are different ways to choose the right keywords for these types of job postings, such as the following.
Practice Area

Choosing your practice area, whether you specialize in one or multiple areas, is a great place to start with choosing keywords. If you work only in finance, estate planning and bankruptcy law, by all means use those keywords somewhere in the job posting. Someone interested in bankruptcy law only is going to search using keywords such as civil litigation, environmental law, or business law.

Type of Employment

Another area of keywords to consider adding is the type of employment for the job posting. This can be part time, full time, temporary, internship that is paid or not paid, contract, contract to hire, or direct hire. If you are hiring a junior associate attorney on a contract to hire basis, there is one of your keywords.


While you will be entering the location when updating the job posting, the actual job description should also have the location again. Many job seekers are most concerned about a legal job that is near their home or in a location they intend to live soon, so it is imperative you use it as a keyword. This can be your city, state, surrounding cities or area, or even important landmarks. If your law firm is in downtown San Diego near Balboa Park, make a mention of it.


Some job seekers like to work in certain industries, so this is another area to choose keywords from. If you work in certain industries, like insurance, banking, government, marketing, education, sales or real estate, use it as one of your keywords.


Lastly, use the type of position or job title as a keyword, including it at least once or twice in the job description and the title itself. There are many different legal positions, like human resources, legal secretary, attorney, and document reviewer, so be specific about the legal position when posting on Granted.


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