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Finding Your Dream Law Firm Job

Have you ever imagined working at your own law firm? Are you fascinated by a particular aspect of the law? If so, you might be interested in finding a job within the legal system. There are many positions within the field and one might be your idea of a dream law firm job.
What Type of Law Would You Choose?

One career you might choose is a lawyer. Within this field there are many types. There are criminal, corporate, medical malpractice, divorce and contract attorneys. There are lawyers who specialize in probate law, victim's rights, wrongful death and accidents. This is a field that is wide open when it comes to choosing a specialty.

Research is another aspect of working for a law firm. For example, a person is accused of an illegal act and they maintain their innocence. Someone must do the research and chase down leads to help defend this person. The field of legal investigation is an intriguing part of a law firm job.

If you are employed by a law firm you may be responsible for researching precedents. This is just an interpretation of the law and decisions that have been made by judges. They can however, help a lawyer to win a case by citing this precedence as grounds for either a light sentence or a dismissal. The researcher may find this is a profession they enjoy immensely. This law firm job would require knowledge of the Internet and how to research public documents as well as law libraries.

Do you think this would be the type of job that you would be well suited to pursue? If so, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like working with people? Are you an advocate for a certain type of problem that people are having? This is the reason many people decide to get a job in a law firm. They see a need they want to fulfill and the decision to work in this sector is made by their desire to help.

Hard Work and Dedication

In order to find the law job that will be your career choice, you will have to make the decision on what type of work you want to do and where. From there you will need the right education for the type of work you choose. In order to get a good law firm job, the education is a major factor, so be prepared to work hard and learn as much as possible. It will be worth it when you pass all the tests with flying colors and get your law degree.

The perfect law firm job will require that you go to college and then go to law school. Law school will consist of another three years of classes, the last two of which are spent studying the area of the law in which you want to specialize. This could include constitutional law, property law or criminal law. If you would like to land a law firm job in criminal law, a good score on the Law School Aptitude Test would be required.

There are law school offices that help in placing graduates to help them find the job in which they are interested. There are some law firms that send their employees as representatives to the various law schools to offer jobs to graduating students. Another way of finding your dream job within the law would be working at a part-time job in a law firm. This will often lead to being offered a full time position if you do a good job and your employer is impressed by the dedication and willingness to learn that you show.

The aspiring lawyer will find it is easier to decide on the type of law firm job they want when they know a little about what the requirements are for each type of position. If you are considering eventually becoming a judge, starting out as a lawyer is a good step in the right direction. In the very beginning you may find that being a law clerk for a judge helps.

The Internet, newspaper ads, job placement services and agencies are a good place to look for the law firm job you think would be right for you. If you want to work for the government, taking a civil service test would be one option. Once you find your niche, you will be surprised to learn that a good lawyer with experience can earn from $130,000 to $1 million a year.


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