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Please rank each of the following from 1 to 10 (1=strongly agree; 5=neutral; 10=disagree).

I believe my organization will be successful over the long term.
I believe I will be successful in my organization over the long term.  
I am happy with the reasons I took my current position.  
I am willing to do whatever is necessary to be successful in my organization over the long term.  
The demands my organization currently places on me are fair and realistic.  
I would like a faster-paced environment.  
I would to work in a slower-paced environment.  
I am appreciated in my current organization.  
I perform well in the type of culture I am currently in.  
My organization offers me a realistic possibility for advancement.  
My firm's environment is conducive to high-caliber work.  
My boss (or supervising attorney) regularly communicates with me and tells me how well I am handling my job.  
My boss (or supervising attorney) analyzes my performance in a fair manner.  
My salary is competitive with others of my year.  
Becoming a partner is important to me.  
The city I'm living in now is the right size for me.  
I would rather be working in some other part of the country.  
Where I live is unimportant to me.  
Salary is very important to me.  
Location is very important to me.  
My specialty is very important to me.  
I have seriously thought about it and would like to switch specialties.  
My short-term objectives are being satisfied in my current position.  
My long-term objectives will be satisfied in my current position.  
Another position would make me happier.  
Another position would better satisfy my long-term objectives.  
Another position would better satisfy my short-term objectives.  
The promises and representations that were made to me when I took my current position were accurate.  
My current organization has taken steps to address all or most of my concerns.  
The organization has not taken any steps to address my concerns.  
I like the people I'm working with.  
I do not like the people I am working with.  
In past positions, I have liked the people I worked with.  
In past positions, I haven't like the people I worked with.  
I need more mentoring.  
I need more responsibility.  
My current firm allows me to enjoy life outside of work.  
Enjoying life outside of work is important to me.  
There are things about myself I could easily change that would make me happier in my existing organization.  

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