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Appendix I: Action Verbs

A: accelerated accomplished achieved acquired acted activated actuated adapted administered adopted advanced advised advocated aided allocated altered amended amplified analyzed approved arbitrated arranged ascertained assembled assigned assumed assessed assisted attained attracted audited augmented authored authorized automated awarded

B: balanced bargained broadened budgeted built

C: calculated canvassed capitalized centralized challenged chaired changed circulated clarified classified co-authored collaborated collected combined commissioned committed communicated compared compiled completed composed computed conceived conceptualized consolidated constructed consulted contributed controlled convinced coordinated corrected counseled created critiqued cultivated

D: decided decentralized decreased defined delegated delivered demonstrated depreciated described designated designed determined developed devised directed disclosed dissembled distinguished distributed diversified divested documented drafted

E: edited effected eliminated employed enabled enforced enhanced enlarged enriched established evaluated executed expanded expedited exposed extended extracted extrapolated

F: facilitated fashioned focused formalized formed formulated found founded fulfilled functioned

G: gained gathered gauged generated governed granted guided

H: handled headed hired hosted

I: identified illustrated implemented improved improvised indoctrinated increased incurred influenced informed initiated innovated inquired inspired instituted instructed interpreted interviewed introduced invented invested investigated involved issued

L: lectured liquidated litigated lobbied localized located

M: maintained managed marketed maximized mediated merged minimized modeled moderated modernized modified monitored motivated moved

N: narrated negotiated nurtured

O: observed offset opened operated orchestrated ordered organized originated overhauled oversaw

P: participated patterned penalized perceived performed permitted persuaded pinpointed pioneered planned prepared presented preserved presided prevented probed processed procured produced profiled programmed promoted prompted proposed proved provided publicized published pursued

R: raised ranked recommended reconciled recorded recovered recruited rectified redesigned reduced referred refined regained regulated rehabilitated reinforced reinstated remedied renegotiated reorganized replaced repaired reported represented requested researched resolved responded restored restructured resulted retained retrieved revamped revealed reversed reviewed revised revitalized

S: salvaged screened secured segmented selected settled simplified sold solved spearheaded specified speculated spoke spread stabilized staged standardized steered stimulated strategized streamlined strengthened stressed structured studied submitted substantiated superseded supervised supplied supported surpassed surveyed systematized

T: tailored targeted taught terminated trained transacted transferred translated traveled treated tripled

U: uncovered undertook unified united updated upgraded used utilized

V: validated valued verified

W: widened witnessed won worked wrote

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