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Solutions for Relieving Stress from the Workplace

By Jackie Gauldin

As attorneys today are now commuting further and working longer hours than ever before, some law firms have begun to offer concierge service for their employees to make those pesky errands easier to run. Many law firms now offer a range of services that include picking up and delivering dry cleaning and mail or packages, gift-wrapping, making vacation plans, and buying movie tickets. Firms even offer on-site child care as well, which eliminates the panic or worry parents face about picking up children on time after work. This also allows parents to check in with their children during the work day so that they are assured that their children are safe.

If you are still struggling to juggle all the responsibilities you face during the day, consider the following suggestions for relieving workplace stress:

  • Form support groups with your peers to bounce ideas and suggestions with one another. A co-worker may have had similar problems in the past that has now been resolved. Some solutions may be simple, but the thought process you need to implement the solution may not be.
  • Ask your firm about job share or flex hours. In the past, mentioning the fact that you cannot work overtime in a law firm was the "kiss of death" for a legal career. Law firms are now more open to these options in order to retain good employees. Your situation may only be temporary and later on you may be able to handle longer hours.
  • If you work in an open area and have no privacy, some medical and health professionals suggest going into a quiet place for a short period, maybe only 10 minutes. Everyone deserves to collect their thoughts in privacy. You may use this time to make a personal phone call, write in a journal or just close your eyes.

Stress affects us both negatively and positively. On the positive side, stress motivates us to get more done, as in working toward a deadline. On the negative side, stress causes us to feel overwhelmed and procrastinate. Too much stress depresses our immune system and can cause us to get sick. Seek to relieve stress when you can on your job so that you stay healthy, happy, and productive.


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