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Should you choose LFS?

Yes, if you want a search firm that is focused and instinctively knows how to conduct your search appropriately. Our recruiters are known for delivering the finest candidates in the world to employers. Our candidates will arrive ready to become valuable members of your firm or organization. We do not simply scatter resumes all over town, hoping that one of our candidates will get a job. We take pride in remembering that our first priority is to meet your staffing needs in a highly focused manner.

Yes, if you want to do business with a search firm that truly understands your need for the very best legal professionals. Generally, a search firm is only successful if it puts your needs first and takes the time to fully understand your corporate or legal environment. Once our Law Firm Staff, Inc. recruiters feel they understand your needs, they will always provide you with the results of their first-rate research. We know how to evaluate the talents of lawyers because most of us are graduates of top law schools, and many of us have even practiced with the nation's top firms and corporations. Other Law Firm Staff employees are professional legal recruiters with years of success and experience at locating the nation's top legal professionals for your new positions. You will discover that we enjoy taking the time to really get to know our candidates and the firms we are serving. Since we've decided to only work with candidates that we believe are "stars," you'll quickly see how our results separate us from the majority of other legal search firms.

Yes, if you want to work with a group of professional search consultants who have the ability to make placements that work well for both employers and candidates. Rest assured that we often refuse to work with candidates who appear to be superstars, yet display certain traits that make us doubt their ability to succeed in their next jobs. While this approach may not help our firm gain any short-term rewards, it definitely separates us from most of our competitors.

Yes, if you like to avoid surprises. The fact is that we truly take the time to understand all of our candidates. There are rarely any surprises when our candidates show up for interviews. We tell you everything we know about them up front. Since we are very selective when deciding which legal professionals can become Law Firm Staff, Inc. candidates, we generally know them quite well. We do all we can to avoid running our business like so many of the "resume mills" out there.

Yes, if you want to work with professionals. We stay in close contact. Telephone calls are returned promptly. We keep you fully informed of all developments. Our goal is to minimize all of your aggravations while professionally meeting your hiring needs.

Law Firm Staff, Inc. is definitely unique. We are specialists in legal placement work. It is the only thing we do, and we are driven to excel at our jobs. It may be hard for you to understand just how driven we are until you've had the chance to speak with one of the legal hiring organizations or candidates that we represent. We can assure you that they are very pleased with our efforts on their behalf. Once you decide to work with Law Firm Staff, you'll be pleasantly surprised by our desire to serve you with enthusiasm, integrity and insight.

We take our work very seriously. In fact, some of our recruiters work up to 16 hours a day, throughout the week. Does that sound hard to believe? When you love what you do for a living, it's easy to maintain that type of schedule. Our firm has earned its reputation for decisive thinking and vigorous action. Our clients appreciate our tough-mindedness since they know we live in a winner-take-all environment. The stakes are always high when your reputation and the future of your organization are on the line with each placement.

Our professional search consultants include top graduates from some of our country's most distinguished law schools, as well as plenty of people who have distinguished themselves in other ways. We include former law review editors, phi beta kappa graduates of distinguished undergraduate schools, federal district clerks, an adjunct law professor.

Please continue browsing our entire website so that you can learn even more about Law Firm Staff, Inc. Once you have done this, we think you'll begin to see why so many of our candidates and the firms we serve believe that we are one of this nation's top legal placement firms.


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I enjoyed your article very much. It sounds like the position would be a perfect match for my stills and personality!

Posted by: Kathleen McCabe

Very good article!

Posted by: CM

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