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Staying the Course on Salary
Firms' starting pay levels off after years of sharp increases, as reported by The National Law Journal.

Support Staffers Face Up to the Downturn
San Francisco Bay Area support staff feel things tighten as firms look for ways to trim, as reported by The Recorder.

Why Do They Leave? What Will Make Them Stay?
A new study on lateral lawyers provides answers, as reported by the New York Law Journal.

Market Chill Freezes Associate Salaries
With fewer deals to staff, firms see no reason to up the ante for starting lawyers, as reported by The

Developing Business: A Client's Perspective
How to attract clients in the new economy, as reported by

Money Changes Everything
In its annual report of what lawyers earn, the New York Law Journal looks at emerging trends in attorney compensation, as reported by

Eliminate Lockstep Model and Reward Performance, Not Time Served
The benefits of a performance based compensation system, as reported by

Minds on Their Money: What Lawyers Earn
The latest survey of what lawyers earn reveals a prospering profession, as reported by

Writing Effective Job Descriptions
One key to finding good employees is describing the position you want to fill in a dynamic way. The job description must also be written in a clear, yet functionally flexible enough way to prevent subsequent problems or questions.

What's the Difference Between Hiring Employees or Contractors?
You need to make this decision based on the amount of control you need over the work that must be produced.

Practical Recruiting Techniques
Tips for developing a successful recruiting plan that can help you avoid hiring the wrong person.

Interview Tips for Hiring the Right Person
Learn efficient ways to weed out the bad apples and create an effective hiring plan.

How to Motivate Your Employees
Here's a "New Age" guide to "fuzzy" management.

How's Your Conflict Management System?
You must learn how to adjust your company's formal and informal communications with your employees to minimize conflicts and maximize flexibility and cooperative interactions.

Law Firms and Web Companies Are Vying for Talent
Law firms are now bidding for the best and brightest attorneys with the "dot coms" down the street.

American Bar Association Approved Law Schools
Here's a great list of all of the ABA-approved law schools and their current rankings.

Finding Satisfaction in the Practice of Law: A Letter to Puzzled Partners from Some New Associates
Read up on how many new associates view the practice of law. Contains some tips for puzzled partners. Review the various socioeconomic factors that will often determine whether your new associates will stay with your firm or move on.

Mid-Size Firms: Striking A Salary Balance
How some lawyers are avoiding the "billable-hour rat race" by practicing law in a mid-size firm. Information on how recent base compensation increases have helped ease some of these concerns.

The New "New Math"
Press coverage of the recent spike in associate salaries and how they are changing the legal industry.

Pay to Win: How to Use Your Firm's Compensation System as a Strategic Asset
Learn how to use partner compensation levels to retain your most talented partners and provide them with various incentives.

Law Firm Management: A Group Shares Credit For New Clients
A team approach toward landing and managing new clients.

Salary vs. Profits: Why Salaries Are Winning
Discussion about increasing associates' salaries.

Sweating For Dollars
How firms use bonuses linked to billable hours to motivate associates to work insane hours.

"Boom Year" Bonuses Become Routine
Associates now expect bonuses in addition to their salaries. How firms must now match the bonuses of their competition in order to keep their associates around.

Firms Are Becoming More Cautious About Hiring New Associates
Discussion of new hiring levels within firms.

Next Move: Firms React to a Downshift in the New Economy
Analysis of how firms are dealing with the recent crashes of "dot com" companies, and how this may affect associates' salaries


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