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Should you choose Law Firm Staff, Inc.?

Yes, if you want a recruitment consultancy that's focused and instinctively knows the appropriate steps to take while conducting your job search. Our staffing consultants are usually able to promptly locate excellent opportunities that produce the types of offers our candidates want to receive. However, when a candidate is looking for a somewhat unusual position, we are prepared to work with that individual for much longer periods. Rest assured that we do not simply scatter your resume all over the country, blindly hoping that we can find you a job in that manner. Our goal is to help you find the job you want no matter how long it takes. Most of our candidates really do find jobs or receive attractive offers.

Yes, if you want a realistic shot at the best opportunities. We realize that for you to receive the very best offers, we must do everything we can to represent you in a highly credible and professional manner during your job search. We have purposely assembled a team of staffing consultants who have extensive legal experience. Some have practiced as attorneys in top firms and corporations. Others have worked as legal administrators in top law firms or as successful legal staffing consultants. Our entire crew at Law Firm Staff, Inc. is committed to providing you with first-rate research. Our dedication to our work will be clearly visible as we take the time to get to know you once we've decided we're in a position to help you as one of our candidates. You'll discover that we are equally dedicated to learning all we can about the law firms and other legal hiring organizations that we serve. Our policy of working only with candidates we believe are "stars," separates us from virtually every other major law firm staffing organization. If you want to be represented by experienced law firm staffing consultants who understand where you stand and all of your options, then call us. Since we're not just professional salespeople, we have the experience to know all about the types of legal environments and job benefits that are most attractive to our candidates. If you're just looking for a professional salesperson as opposed to a highly knowledgeable recruitment consultant, you'll need to go elsewhere.

Yes, if you want to be represented by staffing consultants who all share one central goal: We want to make placements that work for both our candidates and the many firms and hiring organizations we serve. On a number of occasions, we have refused to work with some candidates who have appeared to be superstars. This is because one or more factors convinced us that they are unlikely to succeed in their next jobs. While this is certainly not a practice that maximizes our short-term rewards, it allows us to conscientiously serve both our candidates and the legal firms and hiring organizations we try to serve. This practice clearly separates us from the majority of other legal search firms.

Yes, if you want peace of mind. The fact is that we will never submit a resume to any legal hiring organization without your express permission. Furthermore, we will not seek to represent you if we don't feel we can do so enthusiastically. Our candidates know that we fiercely protect their confidentiality, so you will never need to worry about that issue. Since we have chosen to work with fewer legal professionals than the "resume mills," our candidates know what to expect each step of the way. We counsel them on how to approach each interview and firm. Law Firm Staff, Inc. bases this advice on our extensive research and inside knowledge. We coach all of our candidates so they can put their best foot forward at all times.

Yes, if you don't like surprises. We stay in contact. Telephone calls are returned as promptly as possible. We keep you fully informed of all developments. Our goal is not only to get you the job you deserve, but also to do so with the least aggravation possible to you.

Law Firm Staff, Inc. is simply different. We are specialists in legal placement. It is the only thing we do and we are driven to be the best in our field. It is hard to understand just how driven we are unless you speak with our candidates and the legal hiring organizations that seek us out. Once you make the decision to work with us, and we make the decision to work with you, we will serve you with more enthusiasm, integrity and insight than any other legal search firm. We our proud to make that promise to each of our candidates.

An Invitation

We invite you to continue to browse the rest of our website to learn more about what you can expect from Law Firm Staff, Inc. We are confident that you will begin to see why so many of our candidates and clients believe that we truly are setting the nation's standard in law firm staffing, one successful placement at a time. Do you have what it takes to be our next?


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Your descriptions of job titles are right on the money and well written. Thank you. I will read on now.

Posted by: Gail Hargrove

Your article is outstanding. I was surprised at how you stress the fact that Law Firm Staff takes the time and effort to make certain they place the right person in the right position. I've worked with "head hunters" in the past that were only interested in their immediate commission. I'm well aware that placing me would take more time and effort as I am a "mature" woman and my particular skill set as related to the new technology may need updating. However, the business sense/business making decisions/human relations skills, etc., are as keen as ever. Anyway, great article and has/will bring you many new clients.
Lois Ross

Posted by: Lois Ross


Posted by: jai

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